Giving hope to vulnerable girls and babies in Hong Kong

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    Name: Eddie Wong

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    Giving hope to vulnerable girls and babies in Hong Kong


    Of Hong Kong's 7,000 girls facing crisis pregnancy each year, the majority are teenagers with no one to turn to. Pregnant teenagers are some of the most vulnerable young women in our community, and without love and support, a crisis pregnancy can be detrimental to a girl's future. Youth in Hong Kong have little access to comprehensive sexuality education, and crisis pregnancy is still a highly taboo and shameful subject of conversation. These factors prevent girls from receiving the support they need.


    Mother’s Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. When a girl comes to Mother’s Choice, they commit to giving her the love she deserves, listen to her story without judgement, build a supportive network around her, provide information to show her she has choices, and most importantly, give her hope to face her future. Mother’s Choice believes every girl deserves a second chance, no matter her circumstances.


    The Mother’s Choice team is made up of 80% volunteers, who in 2016 donated over 65,200 hours of their time, saving the organization over HK$3.85million in staff costs. Mother’s Choice relies heavily on these volunteers to run their services to girls and children in need. The work we are doing with Mother’s Choice will allow the 500 strong team of volunteers to self-manage their job applications and job scheduling within the Volunteer Management web portal. This will have a major impact on the way volunteers are assigned tasks, which will improve their volunteer experience, and also allow for critical resources to be redirected to support more children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong.


    HeForShe is grounded in the idea that global gender inequality negatively affects society in its deprivation of access to women who could be making meaningful contributions. We recognise this harmful impact to society and as such, have pledged to be agents of change for the achievement of gender equality.


    I look forward to seeing the positive impact of our work as we raise awareness for this social issue. Together, we join hands with Mother’s Choice to give hope and change the life stories of vulnerable girls and babies in Hong Kong.



    The Story of K



    For almost 30 years, Mother's choice has served children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. Teenagers like 17-year-old K, who arrived at Mother's Choice last year.


    Her situation was desperate and hopeless. K was alone and angry, with no home, family or support system, and she was six-months-pregnant. Resistant at first, she felt welcomed by a House Mother who listened to her story, and a group of girls who shared their own experiences with her. She made friends, learned about all of her options regarding her pregnancy, and made the courageous decision to commit to be a mom. She was encouraged to restore her relationship with her own mother, received parenting training, and learned how to better care for herself and her son, through a variety of classes. While K works hard to finish her studies, Mother’s Choice has found a volunteer family who can love and care for her son until she is ready to provide a stable home for him.

    K is equipped and empowered to face her future and provide a loving home for her son. But her story could have looked very different. With her resilience and courage, coupled with love and support from Mother’s Choice, she not only has her family, but also friends, mentors and teachers, and an adorable, chubby son who has more uncles and aunties than he can count!