Change it!

Version 7

    It’s important to encourage an inclusive environment where everyone feels like their opinion matters and their voice will be heard. Encourage those around you to speak up because every voice matters and every voice can make a change. Here are a few ways you can get started:


    • Step in when you notice a colleague is being interrupted. Interject to say that you’d like to hear them finish their thought
    • Ask people who speak up less to share their ideas during meetings
    • Stay on alert for “stolen ideas” and look for opportunities to acknowledge the people who first proposed them.
    • PwC employees, you can take the Open Minds training course and/or facilitate an Aspire to Lead workshop with your team. As a bonus, invite clients or others in your external network to join you.
    • Watch the Aspire to Lead videos and incorporate them into your daily activities
    • Take the HeForShe - Building Gender IQ training course (PwC employees click here; external visitors click here)


    Share your ideas by posting below on how to create an inclusive environment.