What's at the heart of PwC’s commitment to HeForShe?

Version 4

    PwC has committed to take a number of actions in support of the HeForShe mission, including:


    Engaging men through an innovative male-focused gender curriculum


    Lending our educational expertise and footprint to HeForShe, we have launched an innovative new curriculum to educate and engage men as gender equality advocates. By learning and understanding the issues surrounding gender equality, men can actively make a difference and support women.

    Helping women reach leadership positions



    We have launched a Global Inclusion Index to increase the number of women in leadership positions. By completing a comprehensive global evaluation of leadership at PwC, with a specific focus on women, each PwC territory is able to develop tailored actions to increase women in leadership.

    Working together to show our commitment for change


    We use our full global network to support HeForShe, driving awareness and action through our employees, clients and within our communities. Men are encouraged to commit online, and take specific actions towards global gender equality.