Workplace Story - Takeki Nagafuji

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    Name: Takeki Nagafuji

    Theme: Workplace

    Country: Japan



    Why I Support HeForShe


    Since I joined PwC in 2004, I have worked long hours wishing to become a successful tax professional. My wife, whom I married the same year I joined the firm, has been assisting such a work-centric husband while maintaining her own job. After working for PwC for over a decade, I realized that I did not spend too much time with family at home.


    In order to promote HeForShe as a member of HeForShe Champions from this year, I noticed spending precious time with family and helping them wherever I can could bring a positive impact on my work. Each action does not require too much effort; communicating with family at dinner, helping with housework on weekends and so on. However, everything matters to my wife. After all, if my family is happy, they have more of an understanding for my work and let me focus on it more comfortably.

    I believe this experience, brought by HeForShe activity, allows me to deepen my understanding for working mothers and married staffs (or staff with an important partner) at work.

    Our clients at Global Mobility Services (GMS) are so-called "Expats" who are assigned to work in Japan from overseas or who are posted overseas from Japan. Among these expats, there are fewer numbers of female than male. In the PwC Global survey "Contemporary Mobility: Move a Woman with a Purpose", where we surveyed more than 40 countries on gender disparity of working overseas, we found that 71% of women in Millennium Generation want to work abroad.

    Now, I would like to extend the activity from home to workplace, and eventually to clients. I am going to take any steps I can and promote HeForShe.